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Double Serum

Friday, 11 October 2019

You must have seen the Clarins Double Serum adverts all over the TV and in the press. 
Maybe you have a bottle of the world-famous golden nectar on your dressing table already?
But seeing all of these adverts got us thinking, how much do you actually know about the iconic Double Serum and who can actually use it? 
Let us give you the lowdown...

Well EVERYONE can use it, is the easy answer.
There are 20 plus 1 plant ingredients in Double Serum, the extra '1' being turmeric. 
🖤Turmeric...known for its skin-preserving powers.
🧡Avocado...keeps skin soft and supple
💛Green banana...promotes collagen synthesis.
💚Edelweiss, Gingerlily and Organic Teasel...antioxidants
💜Goji the skin energy
❤️Beautyberry...promotes radiance
🧡Mary's Thistle...nourishing
💛Huang Qi...anti-stress
💚Red jania...eliminates dead skin cells
💜Leaf of Life and Organic marsh samphire...hydrating
💙Kiwi...feeds skin cells
❤️Mango...comforting for the skin
🧡Horse chestnut...draining
💚Orthosiphon...regulates sebum (the skin's natural oil)
💜Quinoa...strengthens skin's surface

So there you are...some very familiar ingredients and some not so well-known, but nevertheless as you see, it covers all bases. 

It's applied in the morning under your day cream and in the evening under your night cream.
You only need one or two pumps, warm in your hands and apply gently by pressing lovingly into your face and neck!

Let the Double Serum work its magic through the day or overnight.
For an oilier skin just pop it on once a day, either end.

You can add three pumps to your face mask too for a creamy dry-weather boost.
There are two sizes, 30ml £58 and 50ml £78.
🎁 We've got Christmas coffret sets at the moment with full size Double Serum plus two trial size products free.

It's our absolute favourite product ever, try it, you'll love it.
Or maybe drop a hint to your loved ones for a beautiful Christmas gift!