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Wednesday, 3 January 2018


In a recent article, Closer Magazine describes supermodel Christie Brinkley’s face as being ‘frozen in time’ – at 62 she looks youthful and beautiful with her gorgeous complexion.

Can you guess what one of her main beauty treatments are? Thats right, CACI facials! She calls these her ‘special facials’ and although she said she would ‘never say never’ to going under the knife, she says that she is perfectly happy and impressed with her non surgical treatments and fantastic results.

How does CACI work?

CACI is a nonsurgical solution to a facelift. It can be described as a ‘gym workout’ for your face, using tiny electrical impulses to tighten and lift all 43 facial muscles. During a course, this electrical impulse voltage shall increase, as your muscles gradually get used to the work out!

CACI uses a ‘Tsunami waveform’, therefore providing no pain/sensation to the skin, but penetrating deep into the muscles.

CACI treatments are pain free and safe and have NO negative side effects.
From £29.00
Full and detailed complimentary consultation given.