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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Muscles have memory. That's how CACI works.
So even though you've missed several months of your CACI facials, don't panic, we can rebuild you.

CACI recommend a mini course of six facials as a boost.
So that's  two facials (one hour each), twice a week over three weeks.

Choose our CACI SYNERGY machine for a quicker, stronger effect. Synergy adds a flash of LED Light Therapy to your CACI facial, increasing results threefold.

Prefer just the Jowl Lift, or Eye Revive? 
Same rules apply - a mini booster course of six treatments will get the ball rolling nicely.

After your course, simply go back to your monthly maintenance treatments.

6 x CACI  full face = £350 (save £31)
6 x Jowl Lift = £205 (save £17)
6 x Eye Revive = £245 (save £25)

6 x CACI full face = £295 (save £26)
6 x Jowl Lift = £180 (save £12)
6 x Eye Revive = £220 (save £20)

To book your course call us on 01636 919704, or call in - we'd love to see you.