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Thursday, 3 January 2019

New Year is the perfect time to start your new skin resolution...and stick to it.

NBR's therapists are CACI experts with many years experience between us.

CACI facial treatments are favoured by celebrities, royals and more importantly, those of us who just know about great skin.

We're offering you the chance to try CACI for yourself, with an added extra...
Book any CACI facial (1hour) and we'll upgrade you by adding in either a complimentary Microdermabrasion treatment or a Jowl Lift.

Benefits of CACI Facials:
Using a safe and painless microcurrent, CACI:
-Lifts, firms and tones muscles 
-'Wakes up' even small and intricate muscle fibres
-Perks up skin tissue
-Brightens the entire complexion
-Improves blood circulation to the skin's surface
-LED Light works at a deep level in the dermis
-Very relaxing, many clients nod off during treatment!

Jennifer Aniston calls it "a workout for the face".
Jennifer Lopez calls it a secret weapon and bought her own machine.
Kim Kardashian's new favourite facial.
The Times hail CACI in their top ten of facial treatments ever.
The Mail Online say it's a 'Red Carpet Facial'.

...we could go on!
Read these and more comments for yourself at in the'media'section.

What will the complimentary added extras do for you?
'Buffs' away dead dry skin cells blocking the surface.
Instantly brightens.
Allows all other products easier entry to the lower layer of the skin.
Think jet-washing your patio!

Jowl Lift
Works more specifically on the troublesome jawline area
Targets a larger muscle group with special equipment
Works harder on nose to mouth lines

There are two types of CACI machine at NBR
CACI of the range technology.
CACI of the range technology with added LED Light Therapy which triples results 

What does CACI cost?
That depends on what combination of treatment you decide upon.
The one hour facial consists of a full facial muscle lift, LED wrinkle comb and
 skin rejuvenation 'feathering', £53.50
The one hour CACI using our Synergy LED machine for three times faster results £63.50

Because CACI uses an electrical current, there are a few contra-indications.
The main CIs are 
Heart conditions
Cancer treatment within 5 years.
(These CIs don't necessarily relate to microdermabrasion)

A full and thorough consultation is given prior to any CACI facial.
A course is best for longer-lasting results but a one-off facial every few weeks will work wonders too.

Call us on 01636 919704 and see what it will do for your skin.