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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Here at NBR we pride ourselves in offering the finest non-surgical treatments available today. 
Some of our specialists have partnered with CACI for many years, along with our younger therapists joining the CACI gang this year!
Weíve created an exclusive BESPOKE Treatment for you. 
Itís more than just a facial, itís an experience. 

Our Bespoke Facial comprises:
✅Full consultation to allow our specialists to create the exact prescription for your skin. 
✅Full CACI facial lift
✅Jowl Lift
✅Eye Lift
✅Anti-ageing LED light therapy 
✅Lip plumping wrinkle comb
✅Specific masks
✅Coolift skin conditioning. 
✅A selection of skin-specific samples to take home.  

This amazing skin experience takes around 2 hours. 
Monthly treatments give amazing ongoing results, or give yourself a one-off treat every now and then. 
Itís advisable to leave your skin free of any make-up for the rest of the day after treatment, to allow the powerful ingredients in the products to do their thing. 

Come and relax and let us take care of your skin.