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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Its the perfect time of year to treat yourself, so we've got some suggestions for you to ensure you sparkle and shine this party season...

-Have a set of OPI Gel Nails.
Unlike acrylic nails, gels are kind to the natural nail and as long as they're not picked off (we know it's tempting but resist it!!), the natural nail plate stays nice and healthy.
Gels usually last between one and three weeks, depending on your own nails and lifestyle habits.
(We've got shiny glitters, Christmas reds, plums and deep cherry hues, along with pales and nudes, so there's a colour for everyone)
-Have a spray tan
Spray tans are fabulous for your Christmas party. It doesn't have to be scarily dark: Choose from Express, Classic (client favourite) or Dark. The colour lasts for around a week and its best to have it a day or two before your do.
£17.50 (have 4 tans and your 5th is on us!)
-Freshen up your smile 
Teeth whitening is a brilliantly easy way to brighten your teeth safely and gently.
We use the 'Megawhite Cosmetic' brand, which uses a laser lamp and two gentle yet effective gels.
Teeth look so much brighter and cleaner straight away and look even better after two or three sessions.
Megawhite can be used as often as you like, it does no harm to teeth/enamel (the gels are classed as food-grade so no nasties) and makes such a difference, especially on photos, we find.
A great price point at £59 for original gel or £89 for new Blue Fusion.
-Give your complexion a kick-start
Try our nifty little device:
Coolifting Facial Gun.
Coolift emits a very high pressure, low temperature carbon dioxide shooting a vial of super-concentrated hyaluronic acid (the skin's natural plumping agent) into the skin.
The effects really begin after you've left the salon, with your skin structure regenerating itself and producing more natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid:the skins's own building blocks. 
It's fantastic for giving the skin a boost before a special occasion and suits all ages. We love it. 
£65, including a complimentary microdermabrasion session (usually £29).